The Best Eye Makeup Ideas for the Occasion

Try out a variety of makeup ideas for every different occasion! Discover new wedding and prom makeup ideas as well as exotic makeup and daily wear.

Fresh ideas can make going out even more fun as you switch up your look. Every occasion has a standard of some sort, and you will want to stay somewhere within the guidelines of these standards.

For example, wedding makeup and party makeup are very different, and you won’t want to switch these up very much.

Casual day makeup and glamorous after-dark makeup is also very different. You almost never want to wear heavy eyeliner and dark lids during the daytime.

However, a night out on the town may provide the perfect opportunity for dark, smokey eyes and some pretty lipstick.

Here you will find lots of pretty make up ideas for different occasions and for different women’s looks.

Exotic Makeup

Our section on exotic makeup styles is tailored for those looking for a sexy makeover for an evening out.

Shimmery colors, almond shaped eyes, false lashes, and full lips are characteristic of exotic women in beauty pageants and in modeling.

Follow these makeup ideas and tips to find your own exotic style.

Japanese Makeup

If you’ve never tried authentic Japanese makeup, now is definitely the time to expand your horizons. Their makeup shades are designed to look natural and beautiful, bringing out one’s natural femininity.

Shu Uemura and Shiseido are two of the best quality lines that can be bought in the United States and Europe, while others such as RMK will be found online or in Japanese department stores.

The color of your eyes can also impact your makeup choices. We have tips on :

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes
Eye Makeup for Green Eyes
Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Go ahead and check those out to get a better feel for what you should be looking for.

Best Blush

If finding the perfect shade of blush has proven nearly impossible for you, read this tutorial on selecting the best brand and shade for your skin.

Blush is one of the makeup items you almost never run out of, and at $20 to $28 apiece you can easily have a years supply of color that makes you look young and vibrant.

Best Bronzer

Here at Makeup Tips Magazine, we encourage women to avoid tanning in the sun and to wear sufficient sunscreen everyday. SPF protection prevents cancer, as well as the onset of wrinkles, age spots, and the dreaded “alligator skin”.

That’s why we’ve put together an entire tutorial on the best bronzing products and how to use them.

Powder yourself a glowing visage, sculpt your cheekbones, or contour slimmer thighs with high quality products that appear natural and blended.

Britney Spears Makeup Tips

Have you ever wanted to know how Britney gets her beautifully lined eyes and sweet, pouty lips? This all-American girl look is easy to create with the right makeup techniques.

Grab yourself some pearly eyeshadows, a medium eyeliner, and a neutral lip gloss to recreate her look.

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