Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

Natural Eye Makeup Remover Alternatives

Homemade eye makeup remover is cheap and has the same ingredients as the best makeup remover in stores.

If you think that eye makeup remover is overly expensive, you aren’t alone. Makeup companies package up the most basic cheap ingredients with a sticker that says “makeup remover” on it, and instantly are able to sell it for ten times the price of the original ingredients.

While this is great for sales on their end, it can turn into an unnecessary expense for women who wear makeup regularly. Want to get the scoop on different types of makeup removers and how to make them yourself? Read on, we will cover all of that.

The first thing you should know is that there are two types of makeup removers. One is soap-based, which is generally used for cleansing the face.

The other is oil-based. This is the kind that removes waterproof eye makeup and sticky mascara. You will notice that if you try to use soap-based remover on your eye makeup, it likely won’t work at all.

Most eye makeup removers are made simply from mineral oil. This is a clear thick oil that works wonders at removing anything you put around your eyes.

This however, is usually not applied to the face as it may cause breakouts in some people. Others, however, love using mineral oil as a pre-cleanse wash. We’ll get to that.

If you run out of remover and are in a pinch, or simply want to make some homemade eye makeup remover, most oils can be used successfully.

If you want inexpensive Homemade Eye Makeup Remover, baby oil is your best bet of all. It contains mineral oil, lanolin, and other ingredients that make it less thick than pure mineral oil. It works very well on all types of makeup and is cheap to buy a large bottle of it. Pure Jojoba Oil olive oil, grape seed oil, even vegetable oil on a Q-tip or cotton swab will work. Find what works best for you and mix and match if you need to.

Personally, I like Jojoba if I am forced to use an oil, it is not quite as thick and gloopie.

Natural Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Some people find that cleansing the entire face with mineral oil works very well for them. It removes makeup and supposedly even makes sebum plugs pop out of pores.

It is recommended that you patch test first to see if your skin will likely break out.

If not, rub the mineral oil in circles over your entire face for one to two minutes, and then use a cleanser (foam works great) to rinse it from your skin.

If your skin is sensitive to mineral oil, simple dip a Q-tip into it and use it just around your eyes and lashes to remove the makeup. Use a tissue to pat away the excess.

If all you need is a soap-based makeup remover, the cheapest option is to buy a bar of soap that is skin sensitive and use that regularly.

I would avoid harsh drying soaps like Ivory brand, or any that are made primarily from castile soap.

A simple face bar should do the trick without over drying your skin. Use a little moisturizer after washing if you feel like the soap makes your skin tight or flakey.

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