Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

The best eye makeup for blue eyes will contrast and bring out the shades in your eyes and hair. Try these eye makeup tricks for women with dark to light blue eyes.

The Best Eye Make Up Ideas for Blue Eyed Women

Finding the right eye makeup for blue eyes can be a bit more difficult than brown and hazel eyes at times. It is important to keep a somewhat natural look with light and medium colors, so as not too look too heavy or garish.

However, accenting beautiful blue peepers with a few staple makeup items can make a world of difference.

Before buying new eye makeup, assess your overall color tone and try to choose eye colors that will fit. How dark is your hair? How fair is your skin? Are your eyes light baby blue or on the darker side of blue? Once you have determined this, picking the right shades will be a lot easier.

Brunette women with blue eyes can often get away with wearing more eyeliner and shades of brown in their eyeshadow to offset their blue eyes. Blonde and auburn women usually need to wear lighter natural color and brown mascara to look pretty, but not overdone.

If you aren't quite sure what is best for you, pick colors that are no more than two or three shades from your skin, eye, or eyelash tone.

Eye Shadow Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

One of the best styles of eye makeup for blue eyed girls is to go “natural” with peach or pale gold shadow, a light to medium brown eyeliner, and dark brown mascara.

This look almost never fails and yet gives a very pretty complexion for casual day-to-day events or evenings out. Start with an eyeshadow that is either matte or has a touch of shimmer to it.

Pink, peach, and soft light purples are a few good colors to begin with. You can use a very light shade from your eyelids all the way up to your brow bone as a base color, and then add a medium shade to your lids for a two toned effect.

Or, try putting a medium light eyeshadow over your lids, and adding a slightly deeper color just to your crease to intensify your look.

Finish off with a darker eyeliner that is in the same color complementing family as your other shades.

Fawn, taupe, charcoal, metallic gray, and light to medium browns are great eyeliner choices for blonde and auburn haired women.

Always be sure to blend, blend, blend your eyeliner until it is simply a soft smudgy color at your lash lines.

To make this easier, many makeup artists use a dark shadow instead of an eyeliner pencil because of how easy they blend.

Eye Makeup Techniques for Blue Eyes

If you are fortunate enough to be a lovely brunette with blue eyes, you have a bit more wiggle room to play with colors and try more intense looks.

While gold, peach, and light browns will look good on blondes and brunettes alike, it is probably best to avoid pink hues with darker hair.

Go for “earthy” tones in olive, auburn, taupe, and a variety of brown shades. You can probably get away with black eyeliner as well, although often a dark brown or charcoal shade will look more natural and seductive.

If you're headed for an evening out, try putting on a fresh face with smokey eyes, nude lips, and just a hint of coral blush for a sexy but not overdone look.

The same goes if you decide you want to have a more prominent lip color- keep your eyeshadow light and pretty and eyeliner to a minimum.

The key is to vamp up and show off one of your facial features at a time to keep your look balanced. Light and fresh eye makeup for blue eyes will make you stand out in the best way possible!

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