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Discover how to create beautiful fairy and butterfly fantasy makeup with gorgeous wings that will stand out at any costume party. Fantasy make up is fun and beautiful!

Fantasy makeup is one of the most stunning and interesting types of makeup to wear to a special event.

It can be as simple as creating a myriad of colors and rhinestones on your eyelids to as complex as a fully body painted mural.

Fairy Eye Makeup Ideas

In this tutorial we will be looking at a few ways to create beautiful butterfly and fairy wings on the eyes. You can certainly use face paint if you have it, but if not, colorful eyeshadows and pencils will work just fine.

The first and most popular method of creating fantasy wings is pretty simple, these are great for when you are wanting to do fairy makeup.

You will need a white and black eyeliner pencil, three different eyeshadow shades of the same or similar colors (ex. light, medium, and dark pink), black liquid liner, and false lashes. Rhinestones and glitter are optional, but recommended. For other fantasy ideas, be creative. We have some more fairy makeup ideas here too!

For Rhinestones, I use the Ice Queen Exotic Eyes Rhinestones, they go on easy and come off without pain. They stay on the whole party as well. A perfect pair with them would be the ENVY Xotic Eyes Green Glitter that I used for my forest nymph look.

What great fun.

While I personally have never tried it, there is a fairly inexpensive Fantasy Makeup Kit put out that a friend of mine said was not too bad.

But if you are wanting the full effect, I have used, and suggest the Mehron Fantasy F/X line.

Many women draw their wings at the outside corners of their eyes, while others draw them over their eye and brow area using the top lash line as the starting point.

Eyeshadow Tips for Drawing Your Wing

For the internet savvy folks, you could even get your design on Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper, find your design, size it, flip it, print it. Then you can put it on as a outline guide.

I freehand mine, but I have seen some very interesting results with this method as well, especially if your looking for somtehing that extends to your whole cheek. I would not say to put this stuff TOO close to your eye. It IS an adhesive.

To freehand it like me:

Begin by drawing the outline of the wing in white eyeliner. You might have to practice your chosen fantasy makeup wings a few times on paper first.

Next, use a brown or black eyeliner pencil to cover the white outline and add veins and wing designs. You might need to find a template or photo that you wish to duplicate, or simply freestyle it if you have an idea in mind of what you would like.

Next, use an eyeshadow brush to apply the lightest color shade you have and fill in the wing area closest to your eye.

The key here is to create a wing that fades from light (near your eye) to dark (at the wing tips).

Use your medium and dark color shades to finish coloring the wing.

If you want to add a little extra pop to your fantasy makeup, try using a contrasting color such as aqua blue or springy green just around the edges or at the tips of the top and bottom wings.

Once your wing has the colors and shading you like, take a black or brown liquid eyeliner pen and go over your original lines in black pencil to make them stand out more.

This is the time to dab on a little cosmetic glitter or rhinestones to make your wings truly fantasy.

Lash glue works very well for attaching rhinestones safely. Complete your look with a set of thick false lashes and mascara to blend.

Simple Fairy Make Up Tutorial

If you would like to create a more subtle and quick fantasy makeup look that still looks interesting and pretty, there is another method you can use that isn't as well known.

You will need some Butterfly Cutouts in the 1-2 inch size.

These shapes should have cutouts within the wings for more intricate detail, and should be sticky-back so they attach to your face. Check the painting and scrap booking sections for different designs.

Peel off the cutout that you want, and place it firmly at the outside corner of your eye. Press it down well to create the distinctly sharp edges. Next you will need to choose your colors.

Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and swirl it over a few shades of the color you have picked. Then begin applying the color to the first half of the butterfly stencil cutout.

Choose another, preferably deeper color and blend it into the second half of the cutout.

To complete the fantasy makeup look, choose a third complementing color and lightly swirl it around the edges of the cutout for a more dramatic effect.

Blend the edges into your clean skin well. Then just peel the sticker off and you are done!

While the contest is over for it, check out this beautiful video tutorial on how to use face paint to create a unique masquerade ball makeup scheme!

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