Celebrity Airbrush Makeup Kits

Applying the Best Foundation Makeup Flawlessly

Discover the airbrush makeup kits that are used by celebrity artists around the world and how to start your own makeup artist kit!

A makeup airbrush is an amazing thing to have in your home when you want to have flawless, perfect skin.

Airbrush Makeup Kits

A face primer and airbrush foundation are two things that makeup artists never forget to put on their clients.

They provide a silky smooth finish that is great for cameras, film, and the runway.

Thankfully, airbrush are not just for the famous anymore.

Many women now use them to apply their makeup in the morning before work or running errands because they are easy to use, clean, and make you look great.

Airbrushed Wedding Day Make Up

I recently went into the Sephora in my hometown with a couple of girlfriends, both of whom are getting married this summer.

The woman helping them pick out their wedding makeup was very sweet, and even did a demonstration of the Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kits for them. I was fascinated to see the process of using that tiny machine.
Airbrush Makeup Kits

First, I was surprised at how quiet the air compressor is. It sounded more along the lines of a small fan than the earth-shattering crank your dad’s tire compressor emits.

I was also interested in the design of the air-brush itself. It was small, shiny and black, and looked very sleek for its purpose.

It wasn’t a product that appeared bulky or unattractive, and I wouldn’t mind letting it sit on my vanity during the day.

The part that really caught my attention was when our makeup artist applied it to one of my friend’s faces. It quite literally disappeared on her skin, completely absorbed in to provide the most perfect makeup application. She looked wedding-ready almost instantly.

Airbrush Foundation Makeup Tips

Once you put a little bit of practice into applying your foundation, you will see that it only takes a few minutes each morning to use your airbrush makeup kit.

It is best to build up many thin layers, always keeping the brush moving, as opposed to using fewer heavy layers with stopping movements.

A face moisturizer and primer can make your face look even more pristine when using airbrush makeup kits. Start by applying these, and then carefully airbrush on your foundation.

Temptu is a great product to use because it can apply not only foundation, but also blush, highlighter, and bronzer! I love recommending it because I have seen how amazing it makes your skin look first hand.

I would not give mine up for the world, and because it is the airbrusher that celebrity makeup artists all over the world use on their clients.

There is a lot we can learn from those in the top beauty industry about makeup and style. Put together your own professional makeup kits with this tutorial!

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