Max Factor Makeup

A Max Factor Products Review

Read this Max Factor Makeup Review for the best information on pricing and quality of Max Factor cosmetic products.

Max Factor Makeup is one of the better drugstore brands you can buy. Their prices are pretty inexpensive, with most of their products costing between $7 and $10.

However, many of Max Factor's signature products are being discontinued in the wake of a complete company product overhaul, with their sister company CoverGirl being promoted more and more.

However, Max Factor is still a favorite of many younger women on a budget with its good prices and quality that over delivers. If you are looking to buy items from this line, you will find that there are a few of the items available in stores such as Rite Aid, Kmart and Target.

Many of Max Factor's products can only be bought online and may only be found in places like Ebay if the item has already been discontinued.

Max Factor Makeup

Max Factor Pan Stik Foundation

Probably the most highly recommended and favorite Max Factor makeup product still available on the market is the Pan Stik Ultra Creamy Foundation.

This foundation literally comes on a stick in a black tube, unusual for most foundations.

This product is a clear favorite of many women because it gives excellent coverage, a perk of being so thick.

I would recommend the Pan Stick for women with acne scars, dark spots, or under eye circles they want to hide, because it is so thick it covers extremely well. However, if you are looking for a really natural, makeup-free appearance, it may be too much for you.

Many women wear this product only in the evening when they want to have a pretty made-up look, and wear something lighter during the daytime. Pan Stick Foundation blends very well and is known for covering even better than a concealer, albeit giving the wearer a slightly less than natural finish.

If you are looking for a great daytime foundation to complement the Pan Stick, you might try out Max Factor's Colour Adapt Foundation. This product can be a little more difficult to find, but can often be found with a little searching online.

The Colour Adapt Foundation is different because its texture is soft and velvety, and much thinner than the Pan Stick Ultra Creamy Foundation. It's best feature is how smooth and easily blended it is. It blends well with the skin and leaves a powdery finish, so you don't need to top it with a powder unless you have particularly oil skin.

It is also a good option for very pale women, where typical foundations tend to look too yellow on them. Another perk is that it does a good job at covering fine lines without accentuating them.

Max Factor Makeup

One drawback to the Colour Adapt is that it may need to be reapplied during the day hours, unlike the Pan Stick Max Factor makeup.

Because it is a lot thinner and more natural looking, it also tends to rub off and fade out.

A makeup primer applied beforehand can make a huge difference in how long your makeup lasts, so try applying that to clean skin and then put on your foundation for longer duration.

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

Max Factor's 2000 Calorie Mascara is another very popular product available on the market today. In fact, this mascara has been rivaling some of the more expensive high-end brands as of late. 2000 Calorie has great reviews on its lengthening and curling effect on the eyelashes, something many mascara brands fail to deliver.

Like many cheaper mascaras, it sometimes does flake off after a long day of wear and tear, but it's immediate anti smudging effects tend to counteract this dilemma when it is being applied early in the day.

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