Natural Eye Makeup

Create the Prettiest Natural Makeup Look For You

Natural eye makeup doesn't have to be boring. Enhancing your face with simple makeup tips is both low-key and attractive.

Natural looking makeup can be one of the simplest and prettiest day to day makeup looks any time of year. While bright, bold eye makeup is interesting and artistic and easily photographed, a simple and natural look is often the best for everyday wear.

Eye Makeup Naturally

One of the easiest things you can do to create a more natural makeup appearance is to wear brown mascara instead of black.

Unless your natural hair color is black, brown mascara will look more realistic on your eyelashes.

You can find shades of both dark brown and light brown mascara, the latter being most appropriate for women with light blonde or red hair and fair skin to make that natural eye makeup really pop here!

How to Look Natural and Wear Makeup

The next thing to do is to choose only matte eye shadows. Shimmer and glitter can be beautiful on your eyes, but isn’t exactly natural.

Matte eye shadows blend together easily and often come in color complementing palettes to help you build beautiful yet natural looks.

Natural Eye Makeup

You should also try to find matte eye shadows that come in neutral, earth toned colors. That bright purple eye makeup might be matte, but it isn’t likely to make you look like you just rolled out of bed this beautiful!

Choose colors based around “earth tones”- shades of dirt essentially. Crème, taupe, light to dark browns, grays, and charcoal. If you’d like, you can even find “earthy” shades of green and purple such as olive green and gray-lavender hues.

If you choose to wear eyeliner, wear it lightly for the most natural effect. Pencil it on your lash line very lightly, and then smudge it around to make sure there are no harsh edges or lines.

I often use a matte eye shadow with an angled liner brush in place of typical eyeliner, as it often looks softer and more natural anyways.

Natural Looking Makeup

Lastly there are a few products to avoid wearing if you are trying to get the most natural eye makeup look. Fake eyelashes are usually a big no-no here.

Natural Makeup

 If you have very short eyelashes and really prefer to use falsies, apply individual lashes or buy a set that is uneven and sparser than the party lashes.

Avoid bold colors of eye shadow or lipstick.

Through and through, these colors may be pretty but they don’t look like your typical bare faced look.

Overly dark mascara, colored eyeliner, and shimmers or glitters around your eyes tend not to look natural.

A light shimmery highlighter on your cheekbones, however, can provide a very nice touch!

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