Summer Makeup Tips for Fun in the Sun

We have assembled some great summer makeup tips for you because your skin looks and acts different under direct sunlight, so make sure you use our makeup tutorials to withstand the heat and give you a bronzy glow!

With summer arriving in just a few months, I thought I’d publish some makeup tips to help keep your skin soft and glowy and your makeup in place.

Because swimming and water sports are so popular during the warmest times of year, it can be hard to keep your makeup on straight.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go bare faced all season just to avoid running mascara and melting foundation. Here are a few summer makeup tips to keep you ready.

Simple Makeup Tips for Hot Weather

No matter what, start by wearing sunscreen over your entire body every day. Choose an easy spray or a smooth creamy lotion and rub it in from top to bottom.

It is recommended that you choose a brand containing Titanium dioxide, a physical sun protector. You can wear your sunscreen under or over your makeup to ward off UVA and UVB rays.

Between the sunscreen and the heat, your skin is significantly more likely to become hot and sticky while you are out and about.

Try using a powder foundation during these months instead of liquid. Powder will help you look less greasy and can be topped with a setting spray to keep it in place.

If you have naturally dry skin, mixing equal parts liquid foundation and sunscreen and applying it to your skin will do both jobs. It is an easy way to keep your skin protected, moisturized, and looking flawless during the heat.

Most women like to see a little color in their skin during summer, and there are notably many faux tanning products out there to help you.

Instead of bronzer, try using a sunless tanner. Bronzer easily washes away and only lasts as long as you don’t come in contact with water.

A sunless tanner can last for 5-10 days and won’t wash off so easily. You can even try a gradual tanner if you aren’t confident using a three hour developing type.

Summer Make Up

This tip might seem obvious, but waterproof mascara is a must!

When you’re playing in the water and sweating from the sun, it’s easy to end up with raccoon eyes. Waterproof mascara can save you from this fate, but you will need an oil based eye makeup remover to take it off later.

One of the prettiest summer makeup tips is to choose a rose gold highlighting powder.

Sweep this powder along your cheekbones, nose, and collarbones for a dewy summer look. It can even double as blush so you can pack less items into your bag!

This last step is about keeping your skin clean and healthy throughout some of the harsher conditions summer brings.

Be sure to use a clay mask 1-2 times per week to help clear out your pores. When you are applying sunscreen to your skin multiple times per day, it is bound to become lodged in your pores at some point.

Clay masks extract anything within your pores when it dries and lets you wash it away. This stuff has been a godsend for me every summer as I have very sensitive skin and tend to pile on the SPF.

Once you’ve finished your mask, moisturize your face and neck with a lightweight water based moisturizer. It will help to keep your skin looking plump and healthy!

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