The Best Makeup Primer

What defines the best, and how to use it!

Discover how the best makeup primer can give you flawlessly smooth, hydrated skin. Makeup primers create perfect foundation and a youthful glow.

A high end makeup primer is in fact one of the best beauty investments you can make.

Face primers hydrate, smooth, and even out the skin to prep it for foundation application.

Professional makeup artists all over the world use quality makeup primers to create the most flawless finish on the faces of their clients.

The key with facial primers is to choose one that is of good quality. Cheap primers may actually make your makeup look worse, so choose one that is well reviewed and made by a makeup artist founded company.

I had wanted to give my personal recommendation for the best primer you can buy.

Then I realized I actually have two favorites, so this article will review two awesome makeup primers!

Make Up For Ever HD Micro-perfecting Primer

Make Up For Ever Primer is one of my absolute favorite lines of makeup. All of their products are fantastic, and the primer is no exception.

It is an oil free, hydrating gel that creates undeniably soft skin as soon as you apply it to your face.

This line comes with six different shades of primer, each with a different purpose. The first is an all around wonderful translucent primer that adds luminosity to the face.

They also have green for those with red skin, mauve to combat dull skin, and pink to create a glowing face.

One thing that is great about the Make Up For Ever Primer facial primer is that they also have three shades specifically designed for different skin tones.

Their caramel tinted primer combats ashiness in darker skin to create a luminous glow, which can be hard to find in other primers.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Smashbox Smashbox carries a great primer, especially for women with dry or dull skin. It contains both vitamins and antioxidants which, over time, will even out one’s skin tone and prevent breakouts.

They also help to protect the collagen in your face, keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay a little longer.

Smashbox Photo Finish is also one of the best makeup primer choices because it effectively minimizes pores and fills in all the little lines on your face so that your foundation can’t.
This product goes on incredibly smooth and feels silky to the touch. Smashbox Photo Finish is another of the Best Makeup Primer has won several awards including Best of Sephora in 2008.

Their primers come in translucent, translucent oil-free, sheer apricot SPF 15 with dermaxyl complex, green (for redness), lavender (for yellow undertones), apricot (to cover spots and blotches), and a luminizing gold-flecked sheer.

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