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Makeup Organizers for Long Lasting Wear

Learn how to make a fun makeup organizer in just a few minutes at home. Keeping clean makeup brushes without shattered bristles is important for great application!

Isn't it frustrating when you come home and take a second look at your desk, only to realize that your makeup is completely disorganized, cluttering up space and falling on the floor? It can be even more frustrating to find your new makeup items completely smashed within your purse, exploding lip glosses sticking to everything and ruining your new brushes.

Maybe it is time for some Makeup Organizing 101.

How To Organize Your Makeup Properly

When you decide to organize your makeup, the first thing you need to do is figure out what to throw out. If you're like me, you probably like holding on to makeup for way longer than you should, thinking that there will definitely come a time when that shade will match perfectly.

In all likelihood, though, it won't. Find your shades that don't complement you, the pieces that are old, the dried mascaras, and the lipsticks that got crumbs stuck to them. Throw them out right away! Once you have only a collection of items that you wear on a somewhat regular basis, you're ready to keep organizing.

Now that you've saved only the best, it is time to decide what makeup will stay in your bedroom or bathroom, and what will travel with you in your purse. It is best to only take with you the ones that you use daily, things like powder, mascara, and maybe a favorite lipstick, gloss, or chapstick.

Other items should stay home for when you get ready each morning. Gather up all of your makeup, and put them into two separate piles, one for travel and one for home.

Now it is time to select a makeup organizer. One of the most essential parts of organizing makeup is making sure that you store it in a way that will help it last the longest, staying clean and away from moisture. You also want to organize in a way that frees up some of your desk space, so arranging them out in a pretty way probably isn't your best bet.

One simple way to organize your brushes is to have them in a stability jar. You can make a stability jar at home in just a few minutes. All you need is a jar that will hold your brushes, and still be fairly roomy.

Fill this jar one half to three quarters of the way full with some beads, rice, or pebbles of your choice. Rice is a really good cheap option because you probably already have some in your house, and because rice absorbs water and will keep it away from your brushes. Then, all you have to do is stick your brushes handle-down in the jar, and you're all set! This is also a good way to go for mascaras, lip glosses, and any other extra long item.

Travel Makeup Bags On-the-Go

Once you have organized all of your stay-home items into a couple of jars, you will want to find a way to keep a little makeup with you when you leave the house. If you've never used a Chinese or Japanese style roll up wallet, now would definitely be the time to try.

These cloth wallets typically don't have any pockets in them; they are just two pieces of oriental style cloth sewn together to make a flat rectangle. A cloth string attached to one end will secure the wallet once something is rolled up using the flat piece. It really is that simple.

You can Buy One Online Sized For Travel Use this to keep your mascara and lip glosses away from other things in your purse. They can also keep a brush safe if necessary.

For things like powder and foundation, you might consider buying or making a simple rectangular purse with a zipper on top to store them. If all else fails, there are always an array of Makeup Organizers In Plastic and Aluminum my personal favorite is This Shany Travel Case available for under 30.00.
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