Lighted Makeup Mirrors

The best lighted makeup mirrors can make a huge difference in the natural look of your face indoors and out.

They are a necessary part of any woman's beauty area. They provide equal lighting to the entire face without shadowing, so that you can apply makeup evenly and spot imperfections quickly.

Most lighted makeup mirrors have a magnification side too. This makes it easy to cover tough areas, floss your teeth, and remove facial hair.

If you use a regular mirror, it is likely that the light from outside will differ a lot. This can make your foundation look too dark for your skin, or show unevenly blended areas.

High quality makeup mirrors will simulate natural sunlight for even application, for all those times when it isn't reasonable to apply your makeup outside.

Some of the better models even have night and day light settings. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for when it comes to makeup mirrors. Spending extra money upfront for a quality lighted mirror will serve you much better than skimping on a cheaper one.

What Makeup Mirror To Choose?

One of the best brands of lighted mirrors you can buy is Zadro. But of course, with the best product comes the premium price.

The Zadro SLV410 is what we like for the ability to dim as well as wonderful magnification, a bit high price wise but they work extremely well and can provide the basis for a flawless look.

The SLV410 is a pretty mirror has a standard mirror side and a magnification side. This side is a 10x mirror that is equally sized to the 1x. The Zadro also features surround lighting that can be brightened or dimmed depending on your preferences.

Another important thing to look for in a lighted mirror is fluorescent lighting. Because fluorescent light resembles natural sunlight more than a typical bulb, you are more likely to see even application outdoors with a fluorescent-lit mirror than a standard one.

The Zardo 100 Watt Wall Mount is a wall mounted version of the SLV410 mentioned earlier. Its also a hair cheaper too.

They feature surround fluorescent lighting. However, the Zadro Wall Mount contains a 5x and a 7x mirror which can be viewed at the same time, making it even easier to apply your makeup.

Affordable 10x Makeup Mirror Choices

If you'd like to spend less money than the Zadro, the Danielle Chrome Revolving Lighted Mirror is a good option. It has 1x and 10x sides, and is completely adjustable.

We like this version because it won't create a glare and is easy to work with when you are applying your makeup or taking care of other beauty regimens.

It's fluorescent lighting is another bonus that makes this one a good choice.

Danielle Revolving Mirror is the standard 'on the desk' type with 5x magnification, they also, for the same price have a lovely Wall Mounted Lighted Makeup Mirrors That Goes to 10x.

You could go a little cheaper and pick up the Conair Double Sided Spot Lighted Mirror. With 350 rotation and a nickel finish its not too shabby.

Conair claims that this model is fog free and glare free, with a 1x mirrored side and an 10x magnification side. It also features light adjustment, which can be nice for sunny or cloudy days.

Choosing the right lighted make up mirror is all about finding a balance between cost and quality. If you buy too cheap, you will find mirrors that provide yellow lighting- completely throwing off your makeup look in the outdoors.

On the other side, some lighted mirror brands may be more expensive than you can afford, or than they're worth. Spend some time looking into the features that meet your needs and choose a decent quality brand.

Lighted make up mirrors should last you many years so don't be afraid to choose a better version for the long term. My mother is still using hers 30 years later.

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