Discover Gluten Free Makeup!

For women with a gluten intolerance in their body, gluten free makeup products and organic mineral makeup products can make a world of difference!

Cosmetics probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about gluten and its effects on the body, yet many makeup brands have it within their ingredients.

Gluten Free Make Up and the Body

For people who have a gluten intolerance, going gluten-free means more than simply changing your diet.

Personal care items that touch the skin should also be pure.

Even small amounts in cosmetics or hair products can work their way into your bloodstream via ones eyes, nose, and mouth.

Those with Celiac’s disease are especially sensitive and must be very careful what products they use.

The first step to going gluten-free with your makeup is to check the ingredients list on any products you buy. Any ingredient containing the words flour, dextrin, wheat, oat, malt or yeast are ingredients that contain gluten and should be avoided.

If you aren’t sure about a product but it is one that you like using, take a moment to call or email the company and ask for more information on the ingredient list.

The second step is to determine how sensitive you are to gluten in your body. The first makeup item you should change is any that goes near your mouth.

Gluten Free Makeup Brands

Lipsticks, glosses, and balms are the most important here. If you are very sensitive, switching to gluten-free foundations and mascaras is also a good idea.

The third step is to venture out and find products that will help your body heal instead of harming it. My favorite gluten-free vegan makeup is Bare Escentuals.

The Bare Minerals line of foundations and blushes is very fine and makes your skin look naturally flawless.

It makes your skin look as if you aren’t wearing foundation at all!

AfterGlow Cosmetics and Gluten Free Beauty also carry a variety of good products.

AfterGlow is a mineral makeup company that excludes parabens, chemicals, GMOs, wheat and animal products.

Other reputable gluten free make up companies include Jane Iredale, Ecco Bella, ELF, Monave, most Smashbox and Make Up For Ever products, and Red Apple Lipstick. Neutrogena has over 85 products in their line that are gluten free make up items.

Find a few gluten free makeup products that you love and stock up! You should always remember that makeup companies change their formulas regularly, so it is important to always check the label and be aware of what is in your cosmetics.

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