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Egyptian eye makeup styles are a pretty way to have fun at costume parties and on Halloween. Try creating pretty Egyptian eyes with this tutorial.

Ancient Egyptian Makeup

The ancient Egyptians left behind a legacy of beauty and style that many people still follow. Men, women, and children all wore eye makeup on a daily basis in Egypt.

Even the poorest people had makeup, but it was the containers that showed how truly wealthy a person was. Kits have been found in almost every Egyptian grave that has been explored, even small graves for a family member.

Blush, eyeshadow, and even nail polish were worn by Egyptians, although their use of eyeliner is probably the most recognized.

Egyptians made a dark gray eye powder from a mineral called Galena, brought back by a Pharoah who traveled to the Red Sea Coast and back.

Galena is also known as lead, which, as we know, is a poison. Unknown to the ancient Egyptians, it was worn as beauty as well as to protect the eyes from the harsh sunlight.

Green powder was made from malachite, a mineral found and brought back from Sinai. Yellow eyeshadow came from saffron, and was often wore all the way up to the brow bone. Green and dark gray were probably the most prominent colors worn by the people.

Later on, kohl was used to create a deeply pigmented eye that would be protected from both the sun, and from insects. Today there are many liquid, gel, and powder forms of kohl that women wear.

Modern Egyptian Makeup

To create an ancient Egyptian inspired makeup look, you will need to decide how simple or bold you wish to go. You can wear just eyeliner in the Egyptian shape and top it with mascara, or you can dramatize the look with colors and eye shadows.

The most simple look starts with eyeliner that begins at the inside corner of the eye, and closely follows the lower lash line. This line will continue out past the outside corner of ones eye at least a quarter of an inch.

The top eyelid is lined from corner to corner, but does not extend past the eye itself. This basic look is easy to achieve and easy to embellish if you want.

Some drawings show that green or yellow eyeshadow is worn in addition to the eyeliner. Many believe that the a colorful shadow covered the lids, crease, and brow bone. This is a very dramatic look, but great for parties and Halloween festivities.

You can also tone down the look a little bit by applying a green or yellow eyeshadow just to your lids, and using a clean brush to blend it outwards. These are pretty and unique looks for a fun night out.

Egyptian Princess Halloween Makeup Tips

If you want to go all out with your Egyptian eye makeup, follow the look of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. Her lower lash eyeliner extended far past the corner of her eye, at least an inch.

Her top line as well followed her lash line until it reached the very outer point of her eye, and then continued outwards about an inch, slanting upwards slightly towards her eyebrow.

Then, these lines were connected, and the inside filled in with eyeliner. A pretty green eyeshadow covered her lids all the way up to her brow bone, and followed a diagonal line from the tip of her eyebrow out to the point of her eyeliner.

This was a very exotic and beautiful Egyptian eye makeup look, although probably not historically accurate.

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