Sparkling Eye Shadow

Unique Glitter Eye Shadow Ideas and Products

Expand your beauty horizons with pretty sparkling eye shadow colors and eye-catching shimmery glitter eyeshadow accents!

Ready or not, glitter eye shadow and sparkle makeup are definitely coming back into style!

Sparkle Makeup Rediscovered

If you’re like most of us, you probably haven’t worn much sparkle eyeshadow since your teeny-bopper years, and even then didn’t quite come close to Kesha’s dazzling glitter fiascos.

Worn tastefully, a sweet dusting of shimmery eyeshadow can brighten up your eyes and give you a unique new look. In this photo, I used a matte purple base color to set the stage for the look.

Sparkling Eye Shadow

I also used a dark plum eyeliner pencil on my lower lash line to enhance the purple’s effects and give greater depth of color to my eyes.

To create the glittery wing, I first swiped a creamy light pink eye pencil in the shape of the wing over my eyelid. Then I took an eyeshadow brush and dipped it in cosmetic glitter, gently pressing it on until I covered the wing.

You definitely don’t want to ever use anything but cosmetic grade glitter anywhere on your face, especially near your eyes.

Eye Glitter Picks

Non-cosmetic glitter is large and jagged, and could easily end up in your eye. I chose Wet N Wild’s loose glitter pot MegaSparkle Confetti in White Icing.

I picked this one up at the drugstore for a very reasonable price and so far am very happy with it!

Sparkling Eye Shadow

White glitter works great because you can apply it over any base color you want- something you couldn’t do had you already bought a colored glitter.

My favorite part about this glitter eyeshadow is that the tiny particles shine pink, red, green, and purple, giving it more sparkle than simple translucent glitter can.

It is also loose so you can brush it on your eyelids, cheeks, collarbone or even use it as body glitter in a pinch.

One reason I’ve become such a fan of glitter is that it gives a somewhat edgier accent to your look. Many people are afraid to use it because of its teeny connotations, but I think that it can add a lot to a look if used judiciously.

City Color Palette
"Back Drop"

Sparkling Eye Shadow

New age women like Katy Perry are breaking a lot of old fashion standards, and in a youthful sexy way!

Vinyl mini dresses, glittery eyes, and blue Smurf hair are only the start to her own fashion world.

If you’d like to dip your toe into new glittery looks, start with a simple shimmery eyeshadow palette and then you’ll feel more comfortable adding more glitter to your look.

It certainly isn’t something I’d wear on a regular basis, but a unique sparkling eye shadow wing looks great at parties and anywhere you might feel the need to dance!

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