The Best Makeup Foundation

Celebrity Beauty Airbrush Makeup Kits

Discover the best makeup foundation that celebrity makeup artists have been using for decades. Their professional makeup kits are the ultimate beauty resource, and you can have one too!

When your skin looks great, you look fabulous.

Nothing can pull together your style and beauty as fast as a flawless, perfectly even skin tone without age spots or blemishes showing through.

Best Makeup Foundation

Your face is the first thing people notice, and usually the part of you that they focus on the most.

It may seem simple, but the number one way to look like a model instantly is to have flawless, absolutely perfect skin.

Bad hair, chipped nail polish, and mismatched shoes can quickly be forgotten when you are mingling throughout the day.

Your skin, however, is something that people take in meticulously without even realizing it.

Airbrush on Anti Aging Makeup

Unfortunately, it can be really difficult to find the right foundation that makes your skin look great. How many different foundations have you experimented with in the last year?

Airbrush Makeup Foundation
Finding the right shade alone can be hard enough, and then you must choose between powders, creams, and liquids from hundreds of brands.

Standard foundations also seep into your pores and fine lines, often accentuating your age.

Thick applications of foundation paired with your hands touching your face all over lead to adult acne in a surprisingly large number of women. Shouldn’t there be a better way?

Well, there is! The absolute best makeup foundation you can buy is one that is airbrushed onto your skin, just like the celebrities have.

The Best Foundation Makeup

Temptu is the leading company of airbrush makeup machines and has been the first choice of makeup artists for decades.

Now, Temptu Airbrushers are available to the public and can be used everyday at home. They are very simple. Each Air Pod System is made up of a small air compressor and a gun.

Different “pods” of foundation, highlighter, bronzer, and blush snap onto the gun and the machine is ready. All you have to do is turn it on and pick your setting of high to low density spray.

Best Makeup Foundation
These snap on pods make the process completely mess free and extremely sanitary.

If you tend to get clogged pores and blemishes from wearing foundation all day, this is definitely something to try.

You will find that only Temptu makeup can be used with this particular machine, but they have a wide variety of makeup shades that are high quality and encourage a luminous appearance.

Each pod also contains a new spray needle so you won’t need to constantly deep clean your airbrush machine.

After seeing first hand how one’s face looks after being airbrushed, it seems impossible that any woman would ever go back.

In fact, they don’t! It is amazing what a foundation lightly blown onto your skin can create, and thus women can’t imagine going back to standard foundation after using the airbrush method. It is the best makeup foundation of the pros, after all.

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